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Grocery Price Calculator

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Note: Sales Tax Not Included


Grocery Calculator Compare sale prices with or without a coupon for your grocery items by calculating the price per item and price per unit. For example, is it better to buy 4 12-oz items for $12.50 or 8 10-oz items for $17.50?

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Item Price - This is the advertised sale price. For example, the price may be listed as 10 for $10.00. This calculator assumes that you can by fewer than 10 and still pay $1.00 for each item.

Units per Item - If an item is a box of cereal, you may want to know the price per ounce (select "Ounces"). If you are purchasing light bulbs, you may want to calculate the price per light bulb (select "Units"). A box of light bulbs would be an "item". A single light bulb within the box is a "unit". The actual unit is just a label, so if a unit that you want to use is not listed, just select "Units" and enter whatever number you want based on what you are considering a "unit" (for example 2 kg per item = 2 units per item).

Coupon - Enter either a percent off or a dollar discount, but not both. This calculator assumes that your coupon applies to the item price.

When You Buy ... - Some coupons make you purchase more than one item in order to get your discount. For example, the coupon may say "$0.75 off 2" or "Get $0.75 off when you buy 2". This is assumed to mean that you must buy 2 items in order to get a total discount of $0.75.

Price per Item (Calculated) - The price for each item after applying the coupon discount.

Price per Unit (Calculated) - Knowing the Price per Unit for an item will allow you to compare different sales, bulk purchases, coupon purchases, etc.

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Disclaimer: This calculator is for informational use only and does not constitute financial advice.