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Help Using the Calc Nexus


  1. Add to your bookmarks or favorites so you can get to it quickly in the future.
  2. Use the [#] shortcuts for navigation. Press the number in the brackets to automatically jump to that link.
  3. Use your arrow/direction pad to scroll and move between links and fields.
  4. To enter long numbers, you may want to use your "number mode" on your phone, if you have that feature.
  5. Press "OK" or "Return" or "Go" to edit a field or follow a link that is highlighted.

Entering numbers

If you are a regular user of the Calc Nexus and have a 12-key keypad, you can try entering "telenumeric" numbers to speed up the process of entering values with decimal points. For example, if you are using the mileage calculator, and want to enter 10.456 gallons, you can enter "!0.gjm". Here are the rules:

  1. #, $, and spaces are removed.
  2. Letters are converted to numbers (a=b=c=2).
  3. The special characters "." "," "E" are treated as-is.
  4. Anything else is converted to a "1".

For those wondering, "E" or "e" is used in "E-notation" for very large or very small numbers. For example 3E8 is 300,000,000 or approximately the speed of light.