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Note: Unless otherwise specified, the tip and split amount are rounded up to the nearest cent.


Tip Calculator This simple tip calculator will help you complete your receipt by calculating and adding in the tip amount. It will also tell you the cost per person (rounded up to the nearest cent).

1. Amount and %: Enter the receipt or check Amount (after sales tax) and the Tip Percentage (enter "20" for "20%").

2. Split: If you are with a group and are going to split the cost evenly, enter the number of people in the group.

3. Round: If the tip percent hasn't already been included into the cost, you can round the Tip, Total Cost, or the Split to the nearest whole number, to make it easier to tip or pay with cash.

To Bookmark with a default Tip Percent ...
  1. Set the Amount to 0 and the Tip Percent to whatever you most often use
  2. Click on Calculate
  3. Bookmark the calculator
Your settings will be saved in the URL. For example:

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